2013 World Champs

The biggest and most nerve racking experience of my gymnastics career so far. I competed my highest difficulty routine in the qualifiers and managed to score 15.133. Not a high enough score to make the finals, but highly respectable for my first World Championships.

I was fortunate enough to be selected for the GBR Team due to my success on Parallel Bars at all the qualification events and control competitions at our National Sports Centre. Although I questioned my position whHand websiteen 2 weeks prior to the Worlds i pulled a ligament in my finger performing a straddle front and also ripping my hand.

Myself and my coach planned smartly to allow my blister and Finger the best recovery before the competition. However, after every go during training on the P.Bars my blister re-opened and my ligament stretched. The following 2 weeks was agony; physically and mentally.

Before every routine i fought a battle inside my head. “I can’t do this, it hurts so much” vs “This is everything you have trained for, 60 seconds of pain for a lifelong achievement”.

Below is the video of my routine at the 2013 World Championships on Parallel Bars from the view of the Judges Table;